Dr. Bruce W. Ebert

Attorney & Clinical & Forensic Psychologist

Areas of

Licensing Defense

Need Help maintaining your professional reputaion and license?

Veterans Law

Need help acquiring VA benefits?

Military Consultation

Need an expert witness for court martials?

Forensic Psychological Evaluations

Need an evaluation to be conducted on either an in or out of custody inmates?
Need an evaluation conducted on yourself or someone in regard to personal matters?

Dr. Bruce W. Ebert


Dr. Ebert is a clinical and forensic psychologist as well as an attorney. He has been working as a mental health professional for over 40 years. 

Dr. Ebert is a member of the California State Bar Association and primarily practices licensing law defense, veterans law and television law but is approved to practice in all areas of law. He is a staunch advocate for the disabled and is a disability rights advocate.

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Roseville, CA 95661

PHONE: (916) 781-7875
FAX:      (916) 781-2632
EMAIL:  Bruce Ebert bpsylaw@aol.com