1. Department of Justice: State of CA, Criminal Profiling Division.
  2. Office of the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of CA.
  3. Yuba County Child Protective Services.
  4. Sutter County Child Protective Services.
  5. Federal Bureau of Investigation (Past).
  6. Office of Special Investigations, Air Force (Past).
  7. Placer County Sheriff Department.
  8. Placer County Office of the District Attorney.
  9. Court Expert Panel for Placer, Sacramento, El Dorado, Contra Costa & Sutter Counties.
  10. Merced County Child Protective Services (Past). Atwater Police Department (Past).
  11. Counseling Centers at UCLA, CSUS, San Diego State U., San Francisco State U., San Jose State U., U.C. Berkeley, Chico State U.
  12. A.F. Western Circuit Judiciary: Prosecution and Defense.
  13. A.F. Central Circuit Judiciary: Prosecution.
  14. Consultant and General Counsel: Central California Psychiatric Society; Discovery Center (Mental Health Center); Capitol Mental Health.
  15. Sacramento County Public Defender.
  16. Contra Costa County District Attorney.