Southern Illinois University
Carbondale, Illinois
9/70 – 8/73 B.S. Psychology
University of Illinois Springfield
(formerly Sangamon State University
Springfield, Illinois
8/73 – 8/74 M.A. Psychology
California School of Professional Psychology
Fresno, California
9/76 – 7/79 Ph.D. Clinical
McGeorge School of Law
University of the Pacific
Sacramento, California
6/86 – 5/90 J.D. Law
McGeorge School of Law
Salzburg, Austria
(with Justice Anthony Kennedy)
7/88 Certificate Int. Legal

St. Louis University School of Law Institute of Health
St. Louis, Missouri

9/98 – 1/06


Health Law
Mental Health Law

Alliant International U.
Sacramento, CA
5/14 – M.S. Psychopharmacology

Neuroscience; Physics and Psychology; Memory, Psychometrics, Ethics, Forensic Ethics, Virtue Based Ethics; Psychological Standards of Care Across the World; Psychology of Homicide; Espionage; Forensic Psychology, Applications of Wizards research on human lie detection to forensic work; Psychology of Sexual Abuse; Evaluation of Offenders.

Midwest Institute of Springfield, IL 1/74-8/74 Psychodrama Residency
New York, New York 4/74 Psychodrama Convention
Long Beach, CA
Zerka Moreno
1/75 Psychodrama Workshop
San Francisco, CA 5/75 Psychodrama Workshop
Merced, CA 10/75 Brief Therapy
Moreno Institute 4/76 Psychodrama
Turlock, CA
Martin Kirschenbaum
6/76 Family Therapy
Marin Family Therapy Institute
Martin Kirschenbaum
12/77 Family Therapy
High Point Foundation
Fresno, CA
12/77 Holistic Health
Stanislaus County Spring
Mental Health
Modesto, CA
1979 Hypnosis
Santa Fe, New Mexico 1/80 Prevention
Bridge Agency
Merced, CA
1/79-4-82 Hypnosis Classes/Supervision by Lee Pevsner
Merced, CA
James Henman
4/81 NLP
American Society of Clinical Hypnosis
Orlando, FL
3/83 Hypnosis
Sheppard AFB, TX 9/83 Behavioral Sciences Aerospace / Neuropsychological
Atlanta, Georgia
Nicholas Groth
1/84 Child Sexual Abuse
Tampa, FL
Florence Kaslow
3/84 Divorce Mediation
Fort Walton, FL
(30 Hours)
4/84 Hostage Negotiation
Hurlburt Field, FL 1/85 International Special Operations Squadron Terrorism
Tampa, FL
Ted Blau, David Shapiro,
and Jay Ziskin (40 hrs.)
2/85 Forensic Psychology
Hurlburt Field, FL
Special Operations Squadron Operations
3/85 Psychological
Atlanta, FL
John Exner
4/85 Rorschach
Las Vegas, NV
Arnold Purisch
1/86 Luria Nebraska
Biofeedback Institute of San Francisco (60 hrs.) 2/87 Biofeedback
APA Preconvention Workshop 8/87 Forensic Psychology
5/2007 ABPP, Dr. Conroy Use & Abuse Psyc Testing in Forensics 7 hrs
5/2007 ABPP, Dr. Greene Forensics and the MMPI-2 7 hrs
5/2007 ABPP, Dr. Whit Sex Offender Assessment 7 hrs
5/2007 ABPP Structured Professional Judgment 7 hrs
3/2007 U.C. Davis, Ebert Ethics and Law: Update 6 hrs
11/2006 NOVA Veterans Law 14 hrs
9/2006 Alliant U. Biochemistry/Neuroscience 20 hrs
8/2006 Dr. Ebert B Instructor Ethics and the Law 6 hrs
5-6/2005 Widened School of Law
St. Louis U.
Venice, Italy
Comparative Health Law 100 hrs
7/2004 Dr. Mark Zelig Profiling of Homicide Cases 7 hrs
7/2004 Dr. Berson Child Victims in Digital Age 7 hrs
7/2004 Dr. Friedberg Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 7 hrs
7/2004 Dr. Benke Ethics and Law 7 hrs
9/2003 Air Force Legal Services Agency Trial & Defense Workshop 25+ hrs
8/2003 Dr. Douglas Risk Assessment with HCR-20 7 hrs
8/2003 Dr. Kropp Risk Assessment with SARA 7 hrs
8/2003 Drs. Hare & Salter Training on PCL-R 14 hrs
8/2002 Dr. Megargee MMPI-2 w/ Criminal Offenders 7 hrs
8/2002 Dr. Kroner Criminal & Violent Risk Assessment 7 hrs
10/99 APA/ABA Joint Conference on Forensic Psychology 9+ hrs
8/17/98 Dr. Kathleen Kuenhle Assessing Allegations of Sexual Abuse 7 hrs
8/16/98 APACE Workshop Personality Disorders 7 hrs
9/17-9/21/97 ASPPB
Kansas City, Missouri
Psychology Regulation 12 hrs
8/20-8/22/97 Specialized Training Services
San Diego, CA
Sexual Offenders 15 hrs
4/3- 4/6/97 California Psychogical Association
San Jose, CA
Multiple Relationships
Death of Managed Care
Clinical Psychopharmo
Psychological Standards of Care
1/30-2/2/97 ASPPB
Mobile, Alabama
Psychology Regulation 13 hrs
10/2-10/6/96 ASPPB
Victoria, B.C., Canada
Psychology Regulation 10 hrs
1/96 & 6/96 Board of Psychology
State of California
Psychology Update 4 hrs
3/21/96 California Psychological Association: Dr. Bucky
San Diego, CA
Substance Abuse 8 hrs
2/29-3/3/96 ASPPB
Salt Lake City, Utah
Psychology Regulation/Credentialing 15.5 hrs
11/2-11/5/95 Federation of Associations of Regulatory Boards
Philadelphia, PA
Attorney Cert. Course 15 hrs
6/10/95 Board of Psychology State of California
Los Angeles, CA
Psychology Update 4 hrs
6/17/95 Board of Psychology State of California
San Francisco, CA
Psychology Update 4 hrs
4/19-22/95 Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards
New Orleans, LA
International Issues in Psychology 16 hrs
2/25/95 California Psychological Association: Dr. Marlou Russell Adoption and Therapy 1 hr
2/25/95 California Psychological Association: Rogers, Licht
Forensic Psyc. 1 hr
2/24/95 Board of Psychology-State of California;
CPA Convention: Dr. Fabian,
Judge Hjelt, DAG Heglin
Forensic Testimony 2 hrs
2/4/95 Reno Psychologists Forensic Training
Group: Dr. Weissman
Forensic Psychology 3 hrs
10/17-18/95 United State Court of Veterans Appeals:
3rd Judicial Conference
Veterans Law. PTSD etc. 11.8 hrs
10/15-17/95 National Organization of Veterans Advocates issues in VA Law Veterans Law , Mental Health 8.5 hrs
9/30-10/2/94 Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards Legal Issues in Psychology, Fitness to Practice 3 hrs
9/10/94 Reno Training Group in Forensic Psyc. Practice Forensic Psychology 6 hrs
2/24/94 Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards Ethics; Psyc licensing 12 hrs
3/23-25/93 Health Management Strategies International, INC.
Carol Patney, M.S.N.
MH Strategies 15 hrs
12/5/92 CA State Bar Hollywood, CA Federal Practice 3 hrs
4/3-4/92 SAC Voluntary Legal Services and NVSP Veterans Law 12 hrs
2/6/92 CA State Bar Yosemite Nat. Park Civil Litigation 3 hrs
2/6/92 CA State Bar Yosemite National Park Torts 3 hrs
1/16/92 CA State Bar San Francisco, CA Trademarks etc. 3 hrs
1/14/92 CA State Bar San Francisco, CA ADA 3 hrs