Presentations & Invited Addresses




3/99 California Psychological Assoc. Avoiding License Problems 2.0
5/99 California Psychological Assoc. Ethics Update 4.0
5/99 Santa Cruz Family Services Law and Mental Health 7.0
4/99 Western Circuit Judiciary Travis AFB, CA Working with child Witnesses 1.0
11/98 European Circuit Judiciary-AF Germany Working with child Witnesses 2.0
11/98 Academy of Forensic Psychology
ABPP Ethics Course
Ethics in Forensics 7.0
4/98 Central Circuit Judiciary
San Antonio, Texas
Sex Offender Cases 2.0
3/98 Academy of Forensic Psychology
ABPP Ethics Course
Ethics in Forensics 7.0
3/98 Western Circuit Judiciary
Travis AFB, CA
Sex Offender Cases 1.0
8/19/96 Council on Personnel Management
and the ADA
Mental Disorders 1.0
8/19/96 MCGeorge School of Law
Sacramento, CA
Stress Reduction
Survival in Law School
6/96 California State Univ. Mental Health Law
Sacramento, CA
4/99 Western Circuit Jud.
Defense; Travis AFB 
Forensic Psychology  1.0
6/29/95 State Department of Social Services
Los Angeles, CA
Men and Therapy 1.5
6/21/95 Through the Looking Glass
Berkeley, CA
Mental Health Law 2.5
2/24/95 Board of Psychology-State of California; CPA Convention Forensic Testimony 2.0
2/16/95 Foundation Health Corp. Champus Mental Health Rules 7.0
2-8/95 United States Air Force; Distinguished Visiting Professor
Program: Andrews AFB
Washington, D.C.
Forensic Psychology 4.0+
2/7/95 USAF Western Circuit
Judiciary: Defense
Attorneys Conference
Psychological Tests 1.0
2/4/95 Reno Psychologists Forensic Psychology 6.0
2/1/95 UCLA Counseling Center Ethics; Stalking 4.0+
1/21/95 Board of Psychology
Exam Commissioners
Mental Health Law 0.5
1/14/95 Professional School of Psychology CE Series Mental Health Law 4.0
1/7/95 Board of Psychology
Exam Commissioners
Mental Health Law 0.5
9/17/94 California School of Professional Psychology
National Conference
Managed Care: Ethics Fraud and Other Issues 2.0
9/10/94 Reno Training Group in Forensic Psyc. Forensic Psychology 6.0
10/5/94 San Diego Psychological Association Rules of Professional Practice 1.0
4/21/94 Organization of Counseling Center Directors of CA Ethics, Psychology and Law 8.0
4/15/94 UCLA Mental Health Law and Ethics 2.0
4/12/94 Sacramento Valley Psychological Association Board of Psych. and the Law 1.5
4/11/94 Kaiser Permanente Hospital- Sacramento Ethics and Mental Health Law 1.0
1982-1990 United State Air Force
Eglin AFB and Beale AFB
Stress Management
Drugs and Alcohol
(Over 100 Presentations) Mental Health
1974-1982 Bridge Agency
Merced, CA 
Stress Management Assertiveness
(Over 100 Presentations) Hypnosis
Self Esteem