What is an LL.M Degree?

  • An LL.M. is a Master of Laws, which is a specialized law degree that practicing lawyers who have already passed the bar pursue to obtain advanced knowledge in a specific area of the law.
  • Dr. Ebert’s LL.M degree in health law from St. Louis University, the top-ranked school in the United States for health law.
  • As one of only three accepted students the year he attended, he was privileged to study under world renowned professors including Thomas Greaney and Sandra Johnson.
  • It is unusual for a lawyer to pursue the advanced LL.M. degree and even more unusual to do so in health law.
  • Dr. Ebert’s LL.M. thesis was on pain management law and physiology.
  • Dr. Ebert is the only person in the world who is a Ph.D. Forensic Psychologist with a law degree, LL.M., and board certified in Clinical & Forensic Psychology.