Military Trial Consultation

Providing Scientific & Legal Expertise for Military and Government Trials


Dr. Ebert served as an Officer in the United States Air Force on active duty for almost ten years and in the reserves thereafter. He has served as a consultant and expert witness in hundreds of military and government trials over a career spanning more than thirty years. Dr. Ebert’s experience as an Attorney, Clinical & Forensic Psychologist and Air Force Veteran make him uniquely qualified as a member of a winning trial team. Due to Dr. Ebert’s deep sense of patriotism to the United States and his appreciation for our military, fees for his work on military cases are significantly reduced from his regular rates.

A unique & comprehensive approach to Expert Testimony

  • Conducts comprehensive case analysis
  • Thorough review of all discovery including ROIs
  • Carefully crafts Dr. Ebert’s questions for direct testimony in court
  • Analysis of motions
  • Interviews and assists in development of testimony for all witnesses
  • Development of cross-examination and direct questions for mental health professionals and other key witnesses
  • Development of psychological demonstrative evidence
  • Introduction of psychologically based theories of the case
  • Provides recommendations for voir dire questioning
  • Develops recommendations for Panel Member selection based on review of data sheets and background investigation of potential members
  • Assistance with development of opening statements and closing arguments
  • Reviews and summarizes scientific and legal research pertinent to case
  • Review and analysis of DD Form 2911
  • Provides victim services as required

Forensic Psychological Evaluations

  • Psychological testing with evidence-based instruments and comprehensive test battery
  • Psychological evaluations can be performed real-time and on-site during trial preparation
  • Review of opposition’s psychological testing to discover errors, omissions and faulty logic using testing manuals and statistical analysis
  • Preparation of comprehensive written reports

Rely on Dr. Ebert’s expertise as Expert Witness, Trial Consultant & Forensic Psychological Evaluator

  • Trust Dr. Ebert’s unique educational qualifications as an Attorney, Clinical & Forensic Psychologist, and Master of Laws in Health Law 
  • Air Force Veteran
  • Experience with Expert Witness Appearances at hearings, trials, depositions, arbitrations and administrative proceedings
  • Experience includes consultation for over 650 cases at military bases in the U.S. and abroad
  • Direct Partnership with Trial Teams: Dr. Ebert remains in court through the entire trial and works full days and late nights with the trial team
  • Military bases on which Dr. Ebert has served as Expert Witness

Full Spectrum Forensic Psychological Services

  • Comprehensive Records review
  • Consultation with attorneys and other professionals
  • Conducts in-person and/or telephone interviews with collateral contacts
  • Access to proprietary databases of specialized psychological research articles and learned legal treatises at no additional fee
  • Thorough review and analysis of depositions, investigative reports, charge sheets and other relevant discovery