Forensic Psychological Evaluations

Psychology, Neuroscience & California’s Legal System


Selecting the right psychological examiner can make all the difference in winning or losing a case. A well-crafted, comprehensive evaluation can persuade critical decisions affecting quality of life, post-sentencing placement, job opportunities and family-life. As both an Attorney and a Clinical/Forensic Psychologist, Dr. Bruce Ebert is uniquely qualified to apply current research in neuroscience and brain chemistry to appropriate statutory and regulatory requirements relevant to a civil or criminal proceeding.

Forensic psychological evaluations & expert testimony

  • Pre-sentencing Evaluations
  • Competency Determinations
  • Mitigation Investigations
  • Evaluation of Mental State
  • Risk Factor Assessment
  • Sanity Determinations
  • Expert Opinion for Rehabilitation and Recidivism

Combine a Forensic Psychologist’s insight with an Attorney’s legal expertise

  • Broad-based toolkit for customized reports including evaluation instruments such as the PAI, Shipley-2, WASC, WRAT, PANSS, 16 PF, MMPI-2, Hare PCL-R and more
  • Applies principles of neuroscience, brain chemistry and a deep understanding of psychological constructs and human behavior to psychological evaluations
  • Researches relevant case-law, statutes and regulations to produce reports within the legal context of each unique case

Dr. Bruce W. Ebert’s Commitment to Client Service

  • Personal: Establishes rapport with compassion, kindness and humor
  • Versatile: Provides Adult and Adolescent Forensic Psychological Evaluations
  • Flexible: Conducts forensic psychological evaluations in-custody or in our Roseville offices
  • Accessible: Small, personal office with an open-door policy
  • Quality: Reports are comprehensive, timely and insightful

Over 40 years’ experience providing Northern California Forensic Evaluations & Expert Testimony

  • Court-ordered or private evaluations
  • Support for public defenders and conflict defense panel
  • Direct experience with California District Attorneys and Federal Prosecutors
  • Services for courts and clients in Placer, Sacramento, El Dorado, Yolo, Sutter, Yuba, Contra Costa and Solano Counties
  • In-Custody psychological evaluations at jails including Sacramento Main, Placer, El Dorado, Yuba and Sutter County Jails, RCCC and Monroe Detention Center